Apple’s Healthbook Will Reportedly Go Beyond Fitness To Analyze Your Blood

New fitness technology helps woman overcome great odds

Crucially, the app will also endeavor to analyze “bloodwork,” which includes blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is unclear how the app will source all this information in real-time especially in the realm of blood tracking but9to5 speculates that the app may rely on devices like the fitness-tracking headphones it recently patented , the iWatch, or an array of third-party devices like the Jawbone Up. Additionally, the app may rely heavily on Apple’s M7 motion processor, p90X3 which companies like Fitbit have already started to use for dedicated tracking purposes. Rumors surrounding Healthbook surfaced earlier this year, after Apple VP of software technologies met with the FDA in December . Apple has already hired a string of fitness experts and developers for this project, many of whom have already worked on health sensors, lending considerable credence to the rumors.
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“I always say we’re selling pizza, they’re selling cheeseburgers,” said Rondeau. “We’re geared to the first-time exerciser, the beginner, as opposed to the more fanatical exercisers and the body builders.” To keep the price low, Planet Fitness has no personal trainers, daycare, pools or spas, and there are no group fitness classes and no plans to add any. “We’re keeping true to our low price point,” Rondeau said. Cost is the number one reason both men and women cancel gym memberships or refrain from purchasing one at all, according to IHRSA’s 2014 trend report.
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Fitness options multiply for the time-pressed and money-stressed

It also helps that Kinsey is tech savvy. “She’s our top strength gain member,” said Jenna Roberts, a fitness trainer with Koko FitClub. Roberts says the digital has helped Kinsey make major improvements in her overall physical health. “When she started she had pretty low muscle tone. Every 12 sessions we do a strength test so we could actually track the strength gains going on and since she started a year ago she’s had over 200% strength gains,” said Roberts.
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